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Introducing the Safest and Most Cost-Effective Way to Store Gold Bullion

Elemetal Vault's gold and silver storage option offers investors what traditional storage methods cannot:
security, accessibility and affordability

Where can I safely store my gold or silver?

This question haunts many precious metals investors. A desire to avoid this predicament leads some gold traders to try their hands at gold stocks or ETFs. Others invest in gold futures.

However, when it comes to acquiring a true store of wealth and a hedge against inflation, it all comes back to owning physical precious metals. Nothing can replace the real deal.

When deciding where to store physical gold or silver bullion, precious metals investors have three main options:

Home storage & personal safes

Storing bars and bullion at home in secret places and personal safes gives you instant access to your assets and helps you avoid monthly storage fees, however the risk of theft and damage increases dramatically.

Bank safety deposit boxes & vaults

Safety deposit boxes and bank vaults offer greater security from burglars; however, the storage fees and inaccessibility to their metals when the bank is closed (i.e. weekends and federal holidays) makes many investors reluctant to store their gold and silver in financial institutions.

Precious metal depositories

Precious metal depositories are the most advantageous option for investors who are looking to securely store gold and silver. Bullion depositories provide investors the security of bank vaults and the accessibility that is so important

Most facilities offer two forms of metal storage: segregated and allocated .

Segregated storage implies that each investor's precious metal holdings are put aside in individual storage compartments; whereas allocation is communal storage, so your gold and silver is kept right next to other investors' assets – and even combined into large wholesale bars.

While both segregated and allocated storage offer an extremely high level of security, the fees associated with allocated gold and silver storage are much lower since metal investments can be stored collectively.

Given the benefits of allocation, as well as our goal to provide a secure, easy and affordable platform for investing in physical precious metals, Elemetal Vault's secure storage providers are excited to offer allocated gold and silver storage by partnering with Brink's, a global leader in high security vault services for banks, financial institutions and depositories.

With our state-of-the-art vault technology, 24/7 surveillance, daily auditing and insurance, you can rest easy knowing your precious metal assets are perfectly safe and secure.

There's no safer place to store your gold and silver!

In addition to security, Elemetal Vault offers a wide range of diverse settlement options , giving you direct access to your precious metal assets in whatever form you want them: bank funds via wire transfer, or delivery of raw bars.

Last but not least, because the Elemetal family of companies is involved in the entire gold and silver supply chain, we have eliminated the middlemen and offer secure gold and silver storage at the lowest premiums in the industry. In other words, when you buy gold and silver from Elemetal Vault, you are buying directly from the source!

To recap: Elemetal Vault offers world-class security and accessibility to your physical gold and silver at an unbeatable low cost. So if you were wondering where (or how) to store gold and silver, we have your answer…

If you are prepared to take the next step by owning physical gold and silver, get started today by creating a free account . Or read our secure storage policies to learn more about allocation, vaulting, and how we keep your precious metal bullion safe and sound.

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