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Secure Online Silver Trading

Logistically speaking, accumulating or liquidating a large position in physical silver used to be very challenging. Any online trading options were either: (a) reserved for professional investors at major exchanges, or (b) limited to “paper” investments like an ETF.

Investing in tangible, allocated silver bullion that you could retrieve or trade on-demand for a low premium used to be out of the question. Want to buy at certain price points or benchmarks in the gold:silver ratio? Well, as they say in Brooklyn, “fuhgeddaboudit!!”

Trading silver has never been this fast, secure or simple until now…

Due to robust physical demand, a growing number of industrial applications and continued loose monetary policies in the U.S. and around the globe, the long-term outlook for silver is still very strong. Occasional price swings though reveal short-term profit opportunities.

Before Elemetal Vault, it would be very cumbersome to take advantage of these price swings. By the time you were ready to sell, the train had long left the station. Now, you can easily buy at the dips or sell at the peaks with just a few clicks using our innovative trading platform.

Elemetal Vault’s powerful trading tools, coupled with our family of companies,
enable us to offer allocated silver to investors of ALL levels…

Since our family of companies includes everyone from recovery to refiner, all the way to the exchange, we are able to offer the industry's lowest premiums - no middleman = savings for you.

With Elemetal Vault, because you’re trading tangible, allocated silver that is 100% owned by you, you also get access to our diverse and flexible settlement options, which include:


If you decide to liquidate your gold or silver bullion completely, you can request a secure wire transfer to your bank account.

Begin your silver trading strategy with the most secure, cost-effective option for metal trading and investing by opening a free account at Elemetal Vault today.

Once you finish the steps for creating your account, you’re ready to begin trading allocated gold and silver instantly online.

Keep your metals safe with a trusted, third-party provider using the most advanced security methods

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Elemetal Vault: Premium Bullion Vault Storage Services

Silver & Gold Bullion Vault Storage

Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage. With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold and silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options.

Robust Silver & Gold Trading Platform

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