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How to Trade Bullion Online

A New Frontier of Precious Metal Trading

Invest in professional-grade gold and silver with the click of a button on Elemetal Vault's online trading platform

There are thousands of different kinds of metals inside our planet, but only a select few earn the distinction of being called precious. Precious metals are those special elements which are extremely rare and in high demand.
Gold and silver are two of the most desirable precious metals on Earth for a number of reasons, including their aesthetic appeal (for jewelry), industrial use and their long-term store of value.

Up until recently, investing in wholesale precious metals was strictly for large-scale trading firms and professionals. Futures markets were closed to the everyday investor, and besides, buying and storing the 400-troy-ounce gold or silver bars held by the central banks just isn't practical for individuals looking to own precious metals. Individual investors were forced into paying the higher premiums charged by precious metal retailers.

The rise of allocated precious metals changed everything…

By giving individual precious metal buyers the opportunity to purchase a designated pool of a bullion bar, allocation opened up professional markets to a much wider audience – from the home collector to the hedge fund manager. Owning allocated precious metals is similar to having an ETF (exchange traded fund), except with allocation you actually own the tangible investment.

Elemetal Vault's unprecedented, easy-to-use trading exchange gives everyday investors a platform for shielding their net worth from market fluctuations by exposing their portfolio to precious metals.

  • Unprecedented access to industry-leading prices of precious metal bullion – no middlemen .
  • Insured storage of your tangible assets in our high-security, guarded vault.

How to Trade Precious Metals Online

With Elemetal Vault's easy-to-use online platform, trading in precious metals like gold and silver has never been simpler. In fact, it's as easy as 1-2-3:


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Fund your account

After you open your account and verify your identity, you will be directed to your trade page. From here, you can see up-to-the second spot prices, view your available balance, fund your account, instantly buy and sell at current prices, withdraw your precious metals holdings and much more.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how the process works , as well as our FAQ's . For more information about the benefits of investing in precious metals, visit our Gold and Silver Trading Knowledge Center .

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Elemetal Vault: Premium Bullion Vault Storage Services

Silver & Gold Bullion Vault Storage

Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage. With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold and silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options.

Robust Silver & Gold Trading Platform

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