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Storage of Allocated Gold & Silver Bullion

Protecting your investment

Real time bullion trading is a dynamic and exciting way to protect and grow wealth, but security is what it’s all about. So when you diversify with Elemetal Vault, we take every measure possible to guarantee the security of that investment.

Elemetal Vault’s secure storage providers have been trusted worldwide for generations. The precious metals you trade are stored with Brink’s, in a secure vault under 24-hour guard. There is no safer place for your bullion.

Our Secure Vault Providers

Our storage partners are at the forefront of security and technology, with systems like redundant power supplies, body scanners, and sensors that can detect vibrations. It’s the new age of secure vault storage, with high-tech systems that ensure the absolute safety of your investments.

How Allocation Works

Allocation is what happens when ownership is transferred in the vault. Your bullion remains physically inside the vault, where the metals are recorded and stored as your legal property. At that point our storage facility is no longer storing the metals on our behalf, but on yours.

Insurance and Audit

Not only is your metal protected by every possible security measure, it’s backed by layers of insurance, which covers ownership, storage and – should you choose to liquidate – delivery. Oversight is handled by an internationally recognized accounting firm, which performs regular audits.

To learn more about allocation, vaulting, and all the ways we keep your gold and silver investments safe, read about our secure storage policies.

Elemetal Vault: Premium Bullion Vault Storage Services

Silver & Gold Bullion Vault Storage

Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage. With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold and silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options.

Robust Silver & Gold Trading Platform

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