Elemetal Vault is closing. Please follow the link here for more details: Liquidation

Limits and Restrictions

As few restrictions as possible

We have to have a few rules, but we’ve kept them to a minimum

We’ve kept our precious metal exchange as open and dynamic as possible, but we’ve had to impose a few limits. Not many, though, and far fewer than you’ll find elsewhere. As with every part of Elemetal Vault, our network of partnerships gives you benefits other exchanges just can’t provide.

Gold & Silver Trade Limits

While it wouldn’t be feasible to offer no minimum trade at all – trust us, we tried – Elemetal Vault’s minimum trade is the absolute lowest possible. On the other end of the spectrum, our maximum trade is the highest allowable.

Minimum – The minimum trade amount for gold and silver is .01 ozt. While other exchanges with much higher minimums create a barrier to entry for those new to the market, we’ve made sure even novice investors can start trading gold and silver quickly and easily at Elemetal Vault.

Maximum – Our per-trade maximums are 1,000 ozt of gold or 50,000 ozt of silver. This limit only applies to each individual transaction, however. You can execute trades at maximum as often as you’d like.


Trading Hours

Our gold and silver exchange is open for trading 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

However, we will have announced closures for maintenance, usually on weekends.

Geography and Residency

At this time, trading with Elemetal Vault is only available to residents of the United States, and your bank must also be based in the US. Additionally, we only deliver within the continental United States, excluding Ohio.


Additional Restrictions

Just a few more details . . .

Storage – Elemetal Vault determines where your precious metal is stored until you sell or liquidate. Due to our partnerships with secure vault providers, we can make choices that allow us to maintain the lowest storage fees possible.

Banking – For your security, you will need to call our customer service line at (844) 435-9879 if you decide to change the bank connected to your Elemetal Vault trading account. You should also be prepared to provide certain information related to your initial registration.

Margin Trading – Elemetal Vault does not allow margin trading.


Elemetal Vault: Premium Bullion Vault Storage Services

Silver & Gold Bullion Vault Storage

Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage. With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold and silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options.

Robust Silver & Gold Trading Platform

We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about our bullion vault storage and precious metals trading services: