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How to Register and Begin Trading Gold and Silver with Elemetal Vault

Register, verify and fund your account in three simple steps

We’re dedicated to giving investors the most convenient trading environment possible, so our registration, verification and funding processes are simple and straightforward!

When you’re ready to begin trading gold and silver bullion with Elemetal Vault, just click the get started button at the top of the page to begin this simple three step process.

1Register to Trade Gold and Silver

At the beginning of the registration process, you will need to create your personal login and password. This login and password will be required for you to gain access to the trading portal, dashboard and other pages reserved for registered customers only.

You will be asked to enter some basic information – your name, your email address, a few security questions, and some other vitals. This is also the page where you will create your user password. You can see an example of the page titled “Welcome to Elemetal Vault” to the right. This is the first step in Elemetal Vault’s registration process.

Complete this section and then click the “submit” button. You’ll be prompted if any information is missing or incorrectly formatted. If you are not able to successfully complete this registration step, or have any questions at all , feel free to contact our customer service department. Otherwise, once you hit submit, you’ll move on to the second step, identity verification.

2Verify your Identity

Security is our highest priority, which is why we verify the identity of every Elemetal Vault user before granting them full access to the bullion exchange. This verification process also allows us to identify you as the legal owner of your metals and helps to keep your account secure.

You’ll be asked to submit a copy of your valid government-issued ID along with a legible bank statement or voided check. If you are not sure whether a form of identification is acceptable, or have any questions at all regarding account verification, feel free to contact our customer service department at (844) 435-9879.

We will complete your verification as quickly as possible, please be aware that your documents must be evaluated and processed by our staff before you can begin trading. We will contact you if there is an issue with your verification. Otherwise, you’ll be notified by e-mail when you are ready to fund your account and begin trading. Most verifications take only a few business days.

3Fund your Account

Before you begin buying and selling gold and silver on the bullion exchange you’ll also need to fund your account. Please be sure to read and understand the specifics of each account funding option before making the choice that works best for you. Certain methods of funding your account require longer processing times.

There are three account funding options available:

Federal Bank Wire

This is the fastest method for funding your account. Wire transfers generally execute the same day, but may take up to one additional business day to post to your account. Your bank may charge a wire fee.

ACH Transfer

ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers generally take two to three business days to post to your account. However, the fees to send this type of transfer are normally more affordable than wire fees.

Bank Check

This is the slowest method of funding your account, but also the least expensive. A bank check takes up to 14 business days to post to your account after it is received and processed by Elemetal Vault.

Time to start trading gold and silver on Elemetal Vault!

Once your identity and account information have been verified and the account has been successfully funded, it’s time to get started on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange. If you’d like to learn more about trading, our policies, and how your precious metals are stored, you can view more guides on the menu above under “How it Works.”

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