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How to Register for a Free Account

How to Trade Gold and Silver at Elemetal Vault

Funding, Trading and Managing is Simple and Secure with Elemetal Vault's Innovative Design and Intuitive Processes.

After registration you'll have access to our gold and silver trading portal and other services unique to registered and verified users! When you start trading with Elemetal Vault, here’s what you’ll see.

Buy and Sell

This is the trade page, the hub of your Elemetal Vault precious metal trading experience. It’s where the action happens, and we’ve made sure to give you everything you need to buy and sell gold and silver in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

The Available Balances window at the top right of the page displays the gold, silver and currency that you have available during trading, so you can monitor your metal and funds in real time.

Next, you’ll find your trade windows. Here you can sell or buy your chosen precious metal instantly with just one click. View your trade updates and activity in the recent transactions report below.

Elemetal Vault is a real-time precious metal trading platform, so be aware that trades are instant. This allows you to take immediate advantage of the spot price, at the instant the trade makes sense for you! When you click the “Buy” or “Sell” button your trade will happen immediately. You will be informed of your successful trade via the Recent Transactions summary which appears at the bottom of the page.


We have three methods available for depositing funds: Bank Wire, Automated Clearing House, and Bank Check. Due to the non-immediate nature of debit and credit account transfers – as well as the commissions attached to debit and credit of transactions - we only offer trades to accounts funded by the methods listed on the deposit page.

The deposit page gives you full details on how to add funds to your account, and our customer service team is available to help if you have any questions.

Bank Wire

This is the fastest method for funding your trading account.

ACH Transfer

Allow 2 to 3 business days for an ACH to post to your account.

Bank Check

The slowest method of funding, but also the least expensive!

Account Dashboard

The Dashboard is your friend, this is where you’ll find a complete overview of your Elemetal Vault account. Conveniently view your funds, gold and silver balances and positions, and monitor the status of in-transit metals and pending deposits.

There are several helpful “?” located on this page, which help you better understand the numbers. Buying Power for example, under USD Balances, represents the total dollar amount that you are able to spend on purchases at Elemetal Vault. It’s the sum of your In Account funds and any Pending Deposits.

The total account value is also displayed and can be found at the top of the dashboard. This useful number calculates a quick estimate of the total dollar amount you would receive in US Dollars if you were to sell all of your metals at the current spot price, and then withdraw your funds.

Recent activity is tracked on your account dashboard as well. A detailed history of your buying and selling is here, along with a record of your deposits and withdrawals.


You may withdraw your precious metal investments as either physical metals or funds using the most innovative and convenient options available.

Withdraw Elemetal Bullion

If you choose to take delivery of your investments as physical gold or silver, you can select from our available inventory of Elemetal bars and rounds. Simply select a product and enter your desired quantity. Your order and subtotal will appear  in your cart on the right side of the page.

When you’re done selecting your metals, click the “Place Order Now” button to be taken to the confirmation page, where you can take another look at your order and make changes where necessary. You will be contacted to arrange for secure delivery.

Withdraw your Funds

Withdrawing funds from your “In Account Balance” is very simple, and transactions are processed quickly and securely via wire transfer. Just log in and visit the Withdraw Funds page, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, click “Submit” and confirm your request. You will receive an email notification once the wire transfer has been sent.

The total sum of your withdrawal will be deposited into the account on file within no more than 2 business days. A record of all recent transactions is located on the Withdraw Funds page for your convenience.

Learn More

If you have additional questions about buying and selling gold and silver with Elemetal Vault, be sure to visit our FAQ’s. You can also learn more about investing in precious metals and the benefits of tangible investments by reading our Trading Knowledge Center.

Business Day

Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding US bank holidays. Trades and withdrawal requests that are made after 4:15pm CST are considered as being made on the next business day. If you have any other questions about our website, please contact us directly.

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Store your precious metals, gold, and silver in a secure bullion vault storage. With Elemetal Vault, we partner with the most trusted secure vault facilities in the world to keep your investment safe. When you purchase gold and silver on the Elemetal Vault bullion exchange, you own the metal, it is yours to hold or sell, even as it's in transit to the vault. Your metal belongs to you until you choose to sell it or settle your account using one of our versatile settlement options.

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